Limited Apprenticeship

Limited Apprenticeship is an excellent opportunity for those who are curious about our industry, or who have not yet qualified for Apprenticeship. It gives applicants a chance to get some experience working in the trade. Many of our current Apprentices and Journey Mechanics began their career as a Limited Apprentice

Limited Apprentices work on job sites and in shops much like any other apprentice. Their job duties are similar to those of any first year apprentice, but they are not required to attend school. The pay rate for a Limited Apprentice is slightly lower than that of a full apprentice. It is an excellent opportunity to explore a career in the construction industry.

Many times a young applicant does not have enough experience in the work force to earn a full apprenticeship. The Limited Apprenticeship is an chance to prove themselves, and help them decide whether or not this career is for them.



Sheet Metal Workers Local 12 Training Center