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Definition of Apprenticeship

ap┬Ěpren┬Ětice  [uh-pren-tis]

1.a person who works for another in order to learn a trade: an apprentice to a plumber.

2.History/Historical . a person legally bound through indenture to a master craftsman in order to learn a trade.

3.a learner; novice.


Historically apprentices were indentured to a master craftsman.

The indenture agreement was simple: the apprentice agreed to work for the master in exchange for education and training.

The apprentice in those days was seldom paid any wages. His compensation was given in form of education and training, along with food and shelter

Apprenticeship Today

Today's Apprentices earn as they learn. Apprentices work at their trade side by side with experienced workers, and attend school part time to augment there education.

An Apprentice's wages increase as he or she gains experience and education.

When the Apprentice reaches the accepted level of skill and education he or she is promoted to Journey person status.

Apprenticeships usually last somewhere between 3 and 6 years depending on the skill and experience levels required.

Local 12 Apprenticeship

Our program is designed for 5 years. Apprentices attend school periodically through the year, and the remainder of the time they work with journey mechanics to get experience and practice.

Apprentices in our program get incremental raises throughout the time they are apprentices based upon proving knowledge and skill as they progress.

Our program is at almost no cost to an individual who wishes a career in construction. Apprentices are responsible for providing their own tools and some minor material costs throughout their schooling.

No College, University or Technical school can offer you what we can.

Limited Apprenticeship

Limited Apprenticeship is an excellent opportunity for those who are curious about our industry, or who have not yet qualified for Apprenticeship. It gives applicants a chance to get some experience working in the trade. Many of our current Apprentices and Journey Mechanics began their career as a Limited Apprentice

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