Local 12 Apprenticeship


 We want motivated, outgoing, career oriented people in our program. Success in our industry demands excellent hand and communication skills. We want our apprentices to be the leaders of tomorrow. Today‚Äôs Apprentice is tomorrows Foreman, Superintendent or Owner. Our people earn the highest wages with the best benefits package in the industry. You must earn it every day you go to work.

 Our expectations of Apprentices are simple: we expect you to go to work every day and work hard. We expect you to treat your work like a career, rather than just a job. we expect you to reach out and engage in your education and not just sit back and wait for it to come to you. If you enjoy working with your hands and are self-motivated, our program may be right for you.

 Our Apprenticeship program lasts 5 years. You will enroll in required classes for the first 3 years. You will attend those classes during 5 weeks of concentrated training during those years. Those weeks will usually occur once about every 7 or 8 weeks. Your final 2 years of Apprenticeship, you will enroll in elective courses which will specialize your training in one or two areas which your talents, interests and experience lead you. These classes will occur in evenings and on some Saturdays, depending upon what specialty areas you choose.

 If you enjoy working with your hands, and would like a good paying career, please consider downloading and filling out our application package.


Sheet Metal Workers Local 12 Training Center